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It was obviously much easier to open the door from the inside. As soon as the upper and lower door stops were pulled out, the door creaked open, but when it reached less than a foot, it touched the mechanism. The thin connection pulled the bell of the important room through a complex structure. Tan yuanzhou suddenly opened his eyes, pulled out his sword and rushed out of the door. His two confidants, Wang Hong and Shi Jianping, were also very astute. They also took advantage of the heavy rain to arouse several strong servants, holding weapons and preparing to resist foreign enemies. Dou Honglang woke up naturally. Born in the Dou family, he sailed several times. Although he was not willing to make progress because of his lazy character, it did not mean that he had no experience. Do not mention the risk on the river, is good at home, no disaster has also suffered several times. Calmly told Guan Pingbo to hide under the bed, while he put on his shoes and went out quietly with a knife. Guan Pingbo did not listen to Dou Honglang's words, and it was obvious that the bottom of the bed was not a good choice. Taking advantage of the darkness, she put on her oil coat and went straight to the main building. It's safest to be with your own people! In the middle of the run, the sound of the weapon connection tinkled, followed by the two sides of the drink and scold and shout to kill! The bandits didn't know that the Dou family was on guard! Can't even help wondering if there's a mole on his side, otherwise why was he ambushed? Yes, ambush. We are all bandits, perhaps the open and aboveboard battlefield contest is not enough, but the routine of stealing is exactly the same. The bandits did not know that the mechanism on the door led directly to several rooms, but Tan yuanzhou and Dou Honglang chose surprise attack at the same time. Just as the bandit entered the second gate, he rushed out of the darkness and was caught off guard. Dou Honglang is not afraid of killing people, but his kungfu is very bad. Sneak attack success, connect a few strokes are suppressed by the people,side impact door beams, quickly made a camouflage back to the wall in the dark, no longer shot. The screaming in the courtyard woke everyone up. The Dou family all have weapons, and women are no exception. Guan Pingbo ordered people to light a big torch under the eaves of the corridor to illuminate, and then ordered the deployment. In the light of the fire, Guan Pingbo was once again deeply choked by the Tiger Camp, which could only find its way. As a result of long-term malnutrition, most of the children in the Tiger Camp are unable to see at night, that is, there is almost no impression of night blindness in modern people. Guan Pingbo first assembled at night,stainless steel 304 pipes, and several of them almost fell black and blue without lighting the lamp. Only then did she know that when she usually got up in the fifth watch, the person who could see lit the candle first, and the rest followed suit. In particular, the Dou family was wealthy, and Guan Pingbo was more frugal, resulting in a sufficient supply of candles, and they could not see more clearly. As for running, there is no need to think too much about following the people in front of you. Trapped in this all the year round, there is naturally a set of rules for adaptation. Because it is a common disease, there is no need to mention it repeatedly in the mouth. Guan Pingbo, who wanted to do something big, was really angry with the material situation at this time. But now is not the time to care about this matter, yuanxiao in the room took the drumsticks, waiting for Guan Pingbo's instructions. In front of ShaSheng, people are very fierce, but Tan yuanzhou with a gang of rabble, resistance is extremely difficult. What's more, since they come prepared, side impact beams ,beam impact tubes, they naturally choose people with good night vision, but half of the Dou family are night blind, completely unable to effectively resist. The three men rushed into Wei Gaoyi's field of vision, and without waiting for a reaction, they saw the javelin pass over his head, and then there was a scream, and there was one less person in sight. The bearer was so surprised that he was stunned for a while. Fang held up his knife and shouted and rushed over. Guan Pingbo changed his weapon again, and three crossbows broke through the air, two arrows hit, one arrow missed, and another man fell to the ground. yuanxiao Guan Pingbo's eyes, full of respect, awesome! Guan Pingbo changed a crossbow with an expressionless face, and she stared ahead intently, like a hunting leopard. Bow. Crossbows and daggers are the cold weapons she is most familiar with. In previous lives, I didn't understand why SWat needed to practice bow. Crossbow, but that is not important, she can now use on the line, although because of the feeling is not good, and the head is not good. But this is just the beginning, so don't worry. In a moment, the two accomplices were killed, and the man retreated out of range and dared not act rashly again. Guan Pingbo stood between the first and second teams, waiting patiently. The Mandarin duck array is far from being formed, and it preserves its vital strength as much as possible in the dark. There won't be too many bandits who break into the house to rob, and then the folkway is tough. It's great that there are twenty or thirty young and strong people in a department.
Bearing the safety of the whole village, they can't really be fearless of death, otherwise they will make wedding clothes with others. As long as it is stable, the comer will be defeated. In sharp contrast to Guan Pingbo's calmness, Tan yuanzhou led the people. The wailing stimulated everyone's nerves, and after more than a dozen people were injured, morale was already declining. Tan yuanzhou doesn't care so much. After he killed two people in a sneak attack, he was stared at by a master. Both sides had dozens of moves, and neither could deal with the other. Dianthus is still a little cold in May, and the rain on the body is indescribably uncomfortable. Under the obstruction of the rain curtain, Tan yuanzhou played very hard. Bandits are also very difficult, they did not expect Dou family so difficult. As Guan Pingbo guessed, the bandits of Dianthus are not lonely, nor are they monolithic. The night makes the Dou family panic, which also gives the bandits great psychological pressure. They kept shouting at each other, but fewer and fewer people promised. Finally, Tan yuanzhou's opponent took several steps back, issued a long roar, the bandits immediately orderly evacuation, looking at the back of the bluestone road in the rain curtain, thinking of the weakness of the courtyard, Tan yuanzhou did not dare to chase, angrily kicked the door, implicating the bells in several rooms shaking violently, sending out bursts of crisp sound. For a long time, Tan yuanzhou was so angry that he ordered people to light torches and clean up the battlefield. When Guan Pingbo heard the noise inside, he ordered, "Light the lantern and go ahead to help Tan yuanzhou.". Guanyi, prepare medicinal materials, boiling water,Cold Drawn Tubes, gauze and needle and thread for hemostasis. Lu Guanyi immediately limped to the east and pulled out a box. Xueyan quickly lit a big fire in the brazier and boiled water in a pot. Zijuan, after lighting the bright tile lantern, ran to the front yard in the rain with two in one hand.

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