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Talking about this topic, Wu Min was thinking that after learning the ability of Zhao Desan, a young man, from yesterday, Wu Min had an idea of bringing him under her command. So she said in a half-joking tone: "I really want you to come to work in our district. Now there is a lack of young comrades with passion and ability like you in the district." Zhao Desan also responded in a joking tone: "Then District Chief Wu, you can transfer me to your District Construction Committee, and I can better assist District Chief Wu." Wu Min smiled faintly, she is not without this idea, even if there is this idea, she is not convenient to say to the above, because she felt that young and capable cadres like Zhao Desan, no matter in which unit, the leadership of the unit will not easily let go, so thinking, she jokingly said: "Even if I want you to work in the District Construction Committee, you have to agree with it." I don't think you will agree. How can you be willing to go from the Provincial Construction Committee to the District Construction Committee, right? But what Wu Min didn't expect was that Zhao Desan's answer surprised her a little. He didn't even think about it, so he blurted out: "I agree. As long as District Chief Wu can transfer me to the District Construction Committee,empty cosmetic tubes, I will definitely agree." When Wu Min heard Zhao Desan's answer, he was obviously a little surprised. He stared at his beautiful eyes and raised his eyebrows gently. He was a little surprised and asked, "Do you really want to work in our District Construction Committee?" "I do." Zhao Desan answered with a smile. His sometimes serious and sometimes nifty appearance made Wu Min not know whether this was what he really thought. He smiled with some disappointment and said, "You boy, you must be joking. How can a promising person like you be willing to be demoted from the Provincial Construction Committee to the District Construction Committee? Besides, our Deputy Secretary Su is your cousin. You have this relationship." In the provincial construction committee can be said to be promising, you will certainly not self-destructive future. Zhao Desan's most taboo is that others always talk about Su Qing in front of him. He is most afraid that others will look at him through colored glasses. Once again,plastic packaging tube, he heard someone talking about Su Qing in front of him, as if he felt that his future career was completely the same as Su Qing. Zhao Desan seemed a little anxious and said, "District Chief Wu, I can work in the position of deputy director and have nothing to do with Deputy Secretary Su." I did it all on my own. When Wu Min saw that Zhao Desan was a little anxious, he explained with a smile, "Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that you relied on Deputy Secretary Su to get up. My consciousness is that you have the ability and a bright future in the Provincial Construction Committee. You are overqualified for our District Construction Committee." When Zhao Desan saw that he had misunderstood Wu Min, he softened his tone and borrowed a famous saying: "Gold shines everywhere." "I really don't see that you are not modest at all?" Wu Min saw Zhao Desan's confident appearance and said with a smile. After a long conversation, the distance between the two became much closer. Zhao Desan also completely let go of his hands and feet. He said with a cheeky smile, "I can see that District Chief Wu, you are also a man of temperament. I still need to be modest in front of you." Zhao Desan's flattery made Wu Min very happy. Wu Min was indeed a man of temperament. He did things openly and aboveboard. He had never been bad to anyone in the treacherous officialdom. He was able to work in the position of secretary of the district party committee and head of the district. First, he relied on his status as a doctor of law. Second, he relied on his hard work to climb up step by step. She smiled, poured two glasses of beer, tube lip gloss ,plastic cosmetic tubes, picked up the glass, and said to Zhao Desan, "Come on, Xiao Zhao, let's meet." "All right, come on, District Chief Wu." Zhao Desan hurriedly picked up his glass to meet him. The two men touched the glass lightly, each other's neck was raised, and a glass of wine was poured into their stomachs. After drinking a glass of wine and putting down the glass, Wu Min greeted him and said, "Xiao Zhao, let's have some food." He helped him pull out the chopsticks from the chopstick cover and handed them up.
Volume I 1131. Chapter 1118 Xiao Zhao, are you married? [Text of Chapter 1] Verse 1131 Chapter 1118 Xiao Zhao, are you married? Zhao Desan respectfully took the chopsticks with both hands, and first helped Wu Min marry a chopsticks dish, and then he began to eat the dish. No matter what occasion, Zhao Desan's natural sense of humor and humorous style of conversation can always create a very happy atmosphere. With the deepening of the conversation, Zhao Desan will say something that makes Wu Min laugh and cry from time to time, which makes her very happy at this meal. From the bottom of her heart, she liked Zhao Desan more, so she had the idea of transferring him to the District Construction Committee. Although she knew that the personnel transfer was not easy to handle, she planned to try it. In her view, if the District Construction Committee can have such a vigorous young man as Zhao Desan, the work will soon catch up. As the leading unit of the rapid development of Chanba Development Zone, what the District Construction Committee lacks is such a capable young man as Zhao Desan. Perhaps this meal is very happy, Zhao Desan originally planned to tonight like a hangover to get this beauty drunk idea unconsciously dispelled. Sometimes they talked about work, sometimes about life, and drank a glass of beer from time to time. The atmosphere was very relaxed and pleasant, which made Zhao Desan feel very comfortable. He had not eaten with a woman like this for a long time, and all his bad thoughts were dispelled. After all, the contact time is too short, chatting, occasionally between two people will suddenly fall into the situation of having nothing to say, if with other women, Zhao Desan can also ask each other personal questions, such as family ah, feelings ah, but that must be particularly familiar with the people to go, and Wu Min just contacted the second time, according to past experience. Zhao Desan felt that it was better not to ask people about their personal problems, so as to get in touch with them more deeply. If the progress was too sudden, it would backfire. But Wu Min chatted and took the initiative to ask Zhao Desan's personal questions. After drinking a glass of beer,empty lotion tubes, she put down the glass and looked at Zhao Desan without any mind. She asked, "Xiao Zhao, are you married?" Zhao Desan really did not expect that the beautiful district chief would ask this question. He answered without hesitation: "No." 。

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