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In addition, during the battle, the people of the fire mercenary regiment showed great caution, and even kept a small number of people completely out of the battle, which made him almost think that his plan had been seen through by these mercenaries. The Demons also failed to deal effective damage to the Fire Mercenary Corps, so after weighing it, Anatole abandoned his plan, put back the gem catalyst that was going to be used to release high-level magic, and retreated quietly with the rest of the Demons. Damn it, if that bastard dark wizard didn't have his oath in his hands, why would he get into trouble with the Fire Mercenary Corps! But now is not the time to complain, now the problem is that he must think again, how to use the little resources at hand so that the fire mercenary regiment can add some casualties. If he goes back like this, the damned dark wizard will not let him feel better. He soon had no time to worry about it,ibc spill pallet, and he didn't have to worry about it anymore. Originally scattered around him, aimlessly wandering, the lower Demons suddenly became uneasy, and most of them assumed the posture of alert attack. Although most of the minds of these lower Demons are not very bright, they will never be unfamiliar with danger if they can survive in the lower world. Seeing the changes of the Demons, Anato became alert. He held the holy emblem tightly and began to look around for the source of danger. A figure sauntered out of the shadows of the trees not far away. It was a slender white-haired girl,plastic pallet suppliers, her thin body wrapped in a black robe. So she came slowly, as if she were walking in the courtyard in the afternoon. Who are you? Anatole is not a reckless person. He will not attack rashly. You don't need to know. The girl's voice was slightly ethereal, as if it came from the other side. The girl's answer made Anatole slightly angry, but he immediately suppressed the anger and kept rational and calm. At this time, anger is meaningless. Your purpose? This time Anatole asked the key question directly, and he had a hunch that the girl had not come with good intentions. Kill you. Hearing the answer, Anato's pupils contracted slightly, and the power that had already continued to rise in his hands was released. Dark Asylum, an intermediate second-level defensive magic, was released by him. Kill me? That depends on whether you have the ability or not! With a sullen smile, ibc spill containment pallet ,collapsible pallet bin, he directed the lower Demons to attack the girl and began to prepare a powerful offensive magic. Although destruction is not an area of divine expertise, as a dark priesthood, he still has more destructive power than other priesthoods. For his counterattack, the girl did not take it to heart. Her white fingers drew an arc in front of her eyes. A wall of thin smoke stood up in front of her. Whenever the Demons touched the wall of smoke, it disappeared with a ripple. The Wall of Exile! A spell that effectively expels weaker otherworldly creatures from the main physical realm back to the realm where they originally belonged. The number of creatures that can be expelled is directly affected by the caster's own power. This is a magic, a magic given by most gods, but it requires at least the ability of a high priest to perform. When the Wall of Exile sent one after another of the lower Demons back to their home in the lower world, the magic Anatole had prepared was nearly complete. Dark smoke billows and condenses in his palm, forming a black cone, which is a spell with immediate death effect. Once hit, it is almost certain to die, and even if it survives, it will suffer very serious damage. Anato waved his arm, and the black cone flew out of his hand, and then to his great surprise, an identical cone appeared in front of the girl, and the two magics met in the air, canceling each other out as if they had never existed.
This How is this possible!? Anatole was so shocked that he completely forgot to prepare the next spell. The girl's spell had completely violated the common sense he knew. The time it takes to cast a spell is fixed, and in the case of the simplest blessing, the time it takes a secondary priest to cast the spell is almost the same as the time it takes a high priest to cast the spell. Unlike arcane magic, divine magic can simplify the casting process through many means and special techniques, in order to achieve silent, fixed, and even instant spells. The same means and special techniques are not available for the use of magic. Only some people with special gods can use the prayer of the heart to achieve the effect of silence, but the casting time has hardly changed. Also This girl does not have a holy emblem, at least where it can be seen on her body! The Holy Emblem is an essential item for the clergy to cast spells, and it must be in a place where other people can see it when casting spells-whether someone can see it or not is another matter-so that the spells can work, so most clergy will hang the Holy Emblem on their chest. When another spell began to take shape in the maiden's hands, Anatole's mind returned to the battle. Now is not the time to think. Being distracted in battle is a synonym for failure. Abandoning all distractions, Anato again offered a prayer of praise to the goddess of darkness, and suddenly he discovered a fact that he almost feared, not that the girl's magic was done too fast, but that his magic was done slower than usual, and that the power bestowed by the goddess did not respond to his prayer as immediately as usual. Instead,plastic bulk containers, there is a slight, almost imperceptible delay. Even the strength of the force is weaker than usual. In an instant, Anatole understood what was going on-the maiden had a divine grace far stronger than his! It made his face go pale. binpallet.com

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